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Curated conversations with contemporary critics on architecture, and architectural thinking.

Hosted by Vikram Prakash, Professor of Architecture, University of Washington, Seattle, USA.
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Apr 22, 2020

Central California History Museum: Proto_Formal Section by Perry Kulper

Image: Central California History Museum: Proto-Formal Section by Perry Kulper 2006


What is architecture and what is its frontier of thinking in the time of Corona virus? This week, we talk with architect and architectural thinker Perry Kulper about his work methods, inspirations, drawing techniques, and thoughts on...

Feb 26, 2020

For Americans, it was the Vietnam War. For Vietnam and Laos, It was The American War. Next week, we are joined by photographers Pao Houa Her and Sadie Wechsler as we discuss relationships of the war, both past and present, within their current collaborative exhibit, The American War.


Image credit:...

Sep 11, 2019

This week, we conclude our editor’s choice series with an episode to inspire new possibilities in how we can approach issues of, and futures within our changing climate. We will hear two approaches to how we might re-imagine our relationship with climate. From Daniel Barber we will hear a conversation that focuses on...

May 22, 2019


This week we speak with Sonal Khullar, Associate Professor Art History, on modern Indian art, nationalism, feminism and interdisciplinarity, based on her book Worldly Affiliations: Artistic Practice, National Identity and Modernism in India, 1930-1990.(University of California Press,...

Mar 13, 2019

Today we speak with activist designer Sergio Palleroni, who has been taking students around the world to work with disadvantaged communities to make a difference, to build with them and to teach students how they can learn from building with them. We discuss the politics of design-build activism, and what that implies...